Been a busy body here lately.

Took my son to see his doctor after having a long parent-teacher talk one evening. We both agreed that I should take him to his doctor to gather an opinion on how he has been acting and the things he has been doing.

Doctor thinks he has a tick disorder due to these little habits he has, and he does them a lot while being unaware (tilting his head back constantly, shaking his hands, coughing when he talks, blinks a lot, rolls his shoulders when he’s engaged in activities or having a conversation). He’s been doing this for going on 3 years now, but a lot of us passed it off as just being a fidgety kid. She also thinks he shows mild signs of autism due to his beahvior. She’s not sure 100%, so we have been referred to a neurologist to have a few tests and scans done on his brain. He’ll gather an opinion and recommend a specialist for us to go to if anything is serious.

I’ll know more in the next following weeks. I’ve been told to not worry about anything and to not stress, but it’s hard not to. I had a difficult pregnancy with him, and when I was 8 months along they found these “spots” on his brain during an ultrasound but passed it off as faulty technology. Never thought anymore about it until now. The neurologist is requesting those scans from that ultrasound (before and after) so he can review them himself and compare.

Whatever the outcome, I’ll be prepared. Won’t change a damn thing in how much I love my son. I’ll learn to cope with it, attend groups that specialize in whatever he may have, and do my best to make sure he isn’t made to feel any different.

Of course, I want the outcome to be “He’s healthy, just a kid, no need to worry.” but as much as I want to be optimistic, I have to add some realism into the mix and keep myself grounded .. just in case.

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Ahh, I finally found a Japanese TV drama I used to watch a long time ago. I kept seeing gifs and I knew I had seen it from somewhere … so I guess I am spending my whole day watching Ikebukuro West Gate Park.

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Kung Pow: Enter the Fist and Kung Fu Hustle are seriously the most underrated comedies ..

Especially Kung Pow .. that damn movie is hilarious. First time I saw it, my mom had bought it for me from a cheap DVD rack in Wal-Mart or something. I had never even heard of it before. I popped in the player, thinking I was going to get some watered down American version of a kung-fu movie .. but instead, I was graced with something way better.

If you have been hiding under a rock for the past 10-12 years, watch it. You won’t be disappointed. (here’s a link to watch it online)

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too soon?

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Has anyone tried the 3CE (3 Concept Eyes) Koren makeup line?

I’ve been eyeing some of their products for a while, but I don’t really hear a lot about the brand. I’ve seen some swatches online of the lipsticks and they look decent, but I am wondering how well the blush, powder, and foundation is … hmmmm.

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Watching Melancholia again.

I’m ready to be sad for a couple days afterwards. The ending always gets me. So beautifully done.

A lot of people don’t understand this movie, thinking it’s just boring crap surrounding a bunch of sulking people doing nothing with Kirsten Dunst’s boobs here and there . What they fail to understand, is that the movie was made for you to feel the end of the world through a depressed person’s perspective. It’s supposed to make you feel this way.

The central theme is: depressed people do better in disasters because they already expect the worst

And it’s true. Just that alone gives you a fresh way to view the film. It’s not supposed to be action-packed with all kinds of scenes showing the disaster and death, people running around screaming in a panic, and the aftermath of what is to come.  

It’s melancholia. And it was perfectly done.

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I am so fucking excited that they are releasing these Macaroon lipsticks. Bright colors are where it’s at. No idea when I will wear them or where I will wear them to, but they’re nice to have.

NYX popped in on Reddit the other day and told us that we wouldn’t have to wait too long, that they will be available on their website soon.

They even confirmed that they would be super affordable, making the comment that "they won’t be $20 a pop like Lime Crime :)"

Of course I never expected them to ever price their lipsticks like that. I’m guessing anywhere from $5-8.

So, hurry up NYX. Giiiiive them to me.

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i have abandoned you, tumblr.

i am so sorry. i have just been sucked into the sub known as MUA. it’s so damn addictive.

on another note, the OCM is going really well. i have been using hemp seed, castor, and jojoba oil now on my face. i am still mixing it around trying to find the right mix, but it’s done wonders for my skin. it has never felt so smooth and it actually has a slight glow to it. it just looks healthier. 

way better than any cleanser i’ve ever had to pay money for. well, you still have to pay for the oils, but still .. i don’t have to waste money on harsh chemicals dulling my skin. ugh, i’ll never go back.

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So, I am going to start trying the OCM to see how well it does for my skin.

For those that don’t know what it is, it’s the Oil Cleansing Method. You use oils to cleanse you face. It’s natural and effective, but it does take a bit to find the right mix of carrier and essential oils (if you choose to use them) for you skin.

For the past few days, I have been using mineral oil (baby oil) to cleanse of the mornings and evenings to remove makeup. It has done really well for me (combination, t-zone oily, dry cheeks, pale). It leaves my face really smooth and my pores don’t feel so clogged. 

Right now, I ordered 4oz bottles of:

  • Sweet Almond Oil (all skin types, especially oily)
  • Argan Oil (all skin stypes, a little pricier)
  • Castor Oil (all skin types, dissolving, highly antibacterial, very drying so may need to use less)
  • Grapeseed Oil (all skin, especially oily)
  • Jojoba Oil (all skin, desirable for acne-prone)
  • Tea Tree Oil (great for acne-prone skin, always dilute with another carrier oil)
  • Hemp Seed Oil (all skin types, non-greasy)
  • Avacado Oil (good for normal to dry skin)

And ended up buying 4 1oz glass bottles with a dropper to mix my oils and use over time. 

I’m pretty excited to give this a try, though. I am tired of buying overpriced cleansers when I can make my own ..

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(via attackontarantino)

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[Flash 9 is required to listen to audio.]

One of the most beautiful and well written songs that is worth listening to.

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Highlighting & Contouring

Okay, I know there are a few people out there that love makeup and use all kind of products, but they have no idea what certain products do and want to learn more.

Specifically highlighting and contouring.

Most people would say no to it, because it can come off as looking really cakey and overdone if it’s not blended right or put in the right areas on their face. Honestly though, it’s something a lot should know about and at least try once to see what a difference it can make. If it’s not for you, hey well at least you know a little more about the stuff. Doesn’t hurt.

If you want to highlight and contour, but don’t know what the fuck to do, I’ll help you out with a few links. If your face is shaped like a .. (lots of links ahead)

Read More

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If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where fashion sits..

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